All photography provided by Scott Brown

The idea of the Overland Challenge Series started with the Ozark Overland Rally. Since its first completion in March of 2014, the OOR has been adding fuel to the fire for a grassroots Overland Challenge Series. 

Our Mission

Provide competitors with a rich and enjoyable challenge by pushing their comfort level in a safe environment. We want to bring forward a competition that will allow anyone with a passion for vehicle travel to test their capabilities against their machine, their competition, and mother nature. 

We test all of our challenges before they appear in an event - with the thought that it will provide a challenge to a variety of vehicles and modifications. This means the challenge is based on driver technique, a smidgen of luck, and an excellent co-driver.

You aren't required to have a full roll cage, 35"+ tires, or a 5 point seat belt. We allow competitors to use vehicles they drive every day and offer them the chance to push their comfort level in their DD and drive them home afterwards. We can't guarantee you'll survive without breakage - but finesse pays off in these challenges.

It was a great event. Jayston did a magnificent job. It’s too bad I have to wash the Jeep before the next one.....
— Wade Shaffer, Team Garrett Overland