The Overland Challenge Series is a competitive navigation and task challenge. The event starts out with a two day navigation challenge, lasting around 150 miles. Throughout this section teams are tasked with navigating poorly marked terrain of various difficulty levels. Some routes require a massive amount of driver skill and very equipped vehicles while other routes are suitable for a novice driver and close to stock vehicles. The navigation aspect of this is simple - Teams must choose the shortest legal off highway based route that connects a set of checkpoints. 5 are required for every team. 7 “challenge” checkpoints are optional and vary in difficulty from easy (2), medium (2), hard (2) and extreme (1). In total they must complete 10 checkpoints. Each challenge checkpoint is worth a percentage value and is deducted off of the team's total mileage. The maximum deduction possible is 10%. If a team did the navigation challenge in 150 miles with a 10% reduction, 15 miles would be removed from their initial mileage to net a final of 135 miles. The challenge checkpoints are intricately placed so that the winner won’t be the team who does 5 difficult ones or the team who completes 5 easy ones. It is a combination of them.

The final day consists of a set of 5 grueling tasks that each team must complete. In order to be considered for 1st-3rd place, they must successfully complete 4 out of the 5. Tasks are published well before the event so that teams have the ability to prepare or train for each one. Each task is timed and failure to complete it within time or in a safe manner is an automatic failure.

For this fall we will see the following tasks:
Bridge Building - Teams have 30 minutes to complete a bridge. The bridge will have 50% pre-constructed so that the teams will have the capability to duplicate what has already been finished.

Offroad Driving - Teams will follow a selected course. Teams will have one hour to complete and teams are encouraged to help others in need. Most difficult sections will have a go aground, some will not.

Marshalling (Blindfolded obstacle course) - This task is set in a large area and while the difficulty does not appear to be high, teams will be stressed after their 3rd five point turn in a rutted area.

Rolled Vehicle Recovery - A difficult seeming task that is quite easy when proper planning takes place. Vehicle will be laid on its side and teams are expected to use proper winching technique to place vehicle on its wheels.  

Balance Beam (Vehicle teeter-totter) - Teams have 5 minutes per vehicle to balance it on a large teeter-totter. A loudspeaker will provide added encouragement to the situation with annoying quips and retorts.

This structures allows us as an event to bring in a much greater variety of clientele than a typical off road event. We have people who enjoy geocaching in factory Jeep Cherokees to the offroad veteran in a Toyota Landcruiser, both have equal chance at winning. It is truly unique for a single event to cater to so many different interests and skill levels.


The event has a limit of 65 competitors. Competitor make up is as follows over the last four events:
85% Men, 15% women
75% Between 30-60 years of age, 20% below 30 and 5% above 60

60% Jeep, 35% Toyota, 5% other (Land Rover/Nissan/Chevrolet/Isuzu)

In addition to competitors, this Fall see’s the introduction of a Stand-by category. The Stand-by category consists of three teams who are interested in the event and will show up as an alternate. If they do not have the chance to fill in for a team who no-shows or a team who is DQ’d at the starting line for failure to meet vehicle requirement, the team will be given a two day route throughout the national forest and have the opportunity to compete in the tasks on the third day.

Total participation for the Challenge Task’s on Sunday will be 96 people.


What we are looking for:
Task Sponsors (sponsorship for the navigation aspect is not available).

Vehicle Sponsors

Raffle Donations


Cost of sponsorship:

Bridge Building - ($500)

Available Spots - (2)

Sponsor will provide large banner to be placed in the span of the pre-built section. Sponsor will receive photos to include banner in background while teams construct remaining bridge sections. Sponsored Bridge will be titled “[SPONSOR] Bridge” on handouts and media publications. Discount for full purchase of both available


Marshalling - ($500)

Available Spots - (2)

Sponsor will provide large banner to be placed in the background of the course. Discount for full purchase of both places available. If both spots purchased, course will be titled “[SPONSOR] Obstacle Course” on handouts and media publications.


Rolled Vehicle Recovery - ($750)
Available Spots - (2)
Sponsor will have large banner placed behind vehicle providing winching services.

If sponsor provides, window or body stickers will be placed on rolled vehicle. Rolled vehicles are TBD, will be offroad oriented and driveable around and during event. If both spots purchased, course will be titled “[SPONSOR] Vehicle Recovery Area” on handouts and media publications.


Balance Beam - ($500)

Available Spots - (2)

Sponsors will have banner placed on balance beam or behind, depending on what will offer a better photograph for the sponsor. Discount for full purchase of both places available. If both spots purchased, course will be titled “[SPONSOR] Balance Beam” on handouts and media publications.


Offroad Driving Course - ($750)
Available Spots - (3)
Sponsors will have banner placed at various obstacles along route. Some obstacles are difficult and require winching for lesser equipped vehicles. We will have staff photographers at these locations. Purchase all three places and the course will be named “[SPONSOR] Offroad Driving Course”


Finish Line Sponsor - Email for cost
Available Spots - (1)

Sponsor will have logo hung on the finish line for all teams to cross. We are more than willing to work with sponsors on ideas they may have for the finish line.


Other Sponsor Opportunities:

Staff Vehicles:

Our personal stable of vehicles for this event includes an 86’ Toyota 4Runner, 02’ Toyota Tacoma and 75’ FJ40. Volunteers vehicles include a 96’ FJ80, 14’ Tacoma, 08’ Grand Cherokee, 07’ FJ Cruiser, 13’ FJ Cruiser, 04’ TJ, 00’ LX470, 89’ K-5 Blazer and a 70’s Jeepster Commando.


All of these vehicles have the capability to be sponsored or used for product placement, and in most cases would require only the product be donated to the owner for that to occur. All staff and volunteers are exceptionally well versed in Tread Lightly, Leave No Trace and understand that professionalism is what defines this event.

Raffle donations:

For the first time we are offering a raffle during the event. The event relies heavily on Volunteers for a large part of the help needed to operate efficiently. All proceeds from the selling of raffle tickets is divided among the volunteers to compensate for their fuel, time and other expenses.

Donations can be anything - Shirts, stickers, bow shackles, roof top tents, gift certificates. All of this will be raffled on Saturday evening following the organized dinner.


*All sponsors and donators will have exposure on our social media outlets.*


While the event is currently held in Arkansas, the ambition behind the event is to hold one per season in various parts of the country (or world).

You can direct questions to Jayston Landon.

Contact info -