Four Hour Class Minimum

After successful completion of the Marshaling course, patrons are eligible to participate in the Operators class. This class will focus on vehicle operation and environmental conditions. This class is offered in three separate categories, based upon driver skill and vehicle modification.

This class is aimed at driver teams and it is recommended you enroll with a co-driver. Instruction will be given to everyone and teams are encouraged to trade marshaling and operating positions at will.

The different levels of the course will cover the same principles, but with increasing difficulty. 

Lightly Modified - No suspension or traction modification. This is aimed at vehicles in similar state as they were released by the factory. Any 4wd vehicle is welcome to enroll in this category, though the course is designed for novice drivers. 

Example Vehicles: Toyota 4Runner, Jeep Wrangler, Ford F150.

Modified - Suspension and traction modification. Vehicles that have been lifted or have had additional traction modifications (including Off-Road packages) added are encouraged to enroll in the class. It will test your comfort limits and the limits of your vehicle. The course is designed for intermediate drivers.

Example Vehicles: Jeep Rubicon, Ford Raptor, Toyota 4runner TRD

Heavily Modified - Aimed for those who are set on conquering the nastiest of terrain. To qualify for this class a vehicle must be equipped with 35" or larger tires, front and rear locking differentials, and body armor (fr/rr bumper, sliders, roll cage, etc.) This course is designed for expert drivers - body damage is a concern. 

Example Vehicle: Toyota FJ40 with 4link suspension, lockers, 37" tires, and armor.

Terrain Topics covered: 

Cross Axle
Hill Climb
Failed Hill Climb
Hill Descent
Fording (Water, Soup Mud)
Low Traction (Clay, Gooey Mud)
High Traction (Rock)
Rut Driving 
Traction Control