Winching and Recovery

A class recommended for any skill level and any age group. This class will cover a variety of topics related to winching, recovery, and personal/group safety. It is offered in both half and full day classes. 

Vehicle Skills

Designed to suit any adventurer. Learn to marshal and be marshaled. Understand the reason behind your vehicles approach, breakover, and departure angles. Learn to control wheelspin. Test your nerves on a failed hill climb or off camber crawl. The class is available in a full day only, though a variety of topics can be arranged for the day.

Mechanical Skills

A great introduction to the knowledge base one must maintain for travel in treacherous conditions. Can you repair an alternator with no output? Bypass a stuck solenoid on a starter?  The beginner class is for you.  Know how a u-joint operates but not how to change it? De-bead, repair, and re-bead a tire? See the intermediate class. Want to know how to weld in the field? Unsure of what to do after drowning a vehicle? See the advanced class.  Each level is offered as a half day class with the ability to combine two levels for a full day.

Navigation and Logistics

Want to plan your own adventure but unsure of where to start? Its a big undertaking. Let us help you understand the basics behind navigating through the treacherous conditions the world has to offer. Logistically, every trip is different. We have knowledge based both in motorized and non-motorized travel. From sea-yaking to backpacking, we can help with the logistics of every trip. Half and full day classes available.


Overland Academy

A four day course covering everything you'll need to navigate, plan, and drive for your next adventure. 


"Everything in life has some risk, and what you have to actually learn to do is how to navigate it."

 - Reid Hoffman