Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What are the facilities at your training location?

A.) The facilities at the Treacherous Conditions Basecamp are considered primitive at best. The location is a functioning farm and potable water is available. That is it. We have no restroom facilities or shelters. We prefer to learn outside, in the field. Classes requiring electronic access will be held at an offsite location.

2.) What do you do in detrimental weather?

A.) The name of this company is Treacherous Conditions for a reason. We will evaluate the conditions and if found dangerous to the staff or patrons, we will postpone the class or move the location.

3.) Do you offer refunds for cancellations?

A.) We offer refunds IF a replacement is found for the spot you are holding. If you have scheduled for two per vehicle a refund will be given for each spot a replacement was found for.

4.) Your classes are much cheaper than other training organizations, why is this?

A.) Treacherous Conditions offers a very competitive price as compared to others for a few reasons: 
B.) We have very little running cost.
C.) We lease the training area.
D.) We want to share this passion with everyone.