Event full!

Quick info:
Dates - April 10th - 12th
Minimum five teams for event to run.
Starting near Hector, AR.
Ending near Oark, AR.
So far 1/3rd of the teams have DNF over the last two challenges. Aiming to make that number less this time. 

The Overland Challenge Series is coming to the Ozark National Forest for the third time, further improved and developed to provide an adventure for every experience level. 

The Ozark Overland Challenge takes place in the Ozark National Forest. The National Forest envelops most of the northwest section quadrant of Arkansas. To the north you have the Buffalo River - Our nations first National River - and Mark Twain National Forest. To the south, the Arkansas River Valley, Ouachita National Forest and Hot Springs National Park. The western side of the National Forest is bordered by the Boston Mountains and several State Parks. The Eastern side will lead you to Wooly Hollow State Park and eventually the Mississippi River Basin (after lots of farm land!). The Ozarks have a rich history, apparent with a stop at any rural cemetery or homestead. 


This event is, once again, free! Many thanks to the wonderful support of our volunteers! Seats are limited, 0 spots are available because our 60 spot limit has been reached! Additional spots may become available but no guarantees! Please honor your commitment!

Minimum of 5 teams required for this event to run.

We’ve continued to learn from our past experiences and have developed what we hope to be the final format for the rest of our events. 

The event is still mileage based – we will take the mileage readings from two of the vehicles on your team at the first checkpoint and the finish line, average the two and the shortest mileage team grabs the win. But – there is a twist.

We are going to have 10 required checkpoints, 10 ‘optional’ checkpoints and you will only have to complete 15. You’ll complete 10 required checkpoints and 5 of the 10 ‘optional’ checkpoints. That means there is no preferred order, with no preferred route. You will not be rewarded or penalized for completing more than 5 of the optional checkpoints, but your overall mileage may suffer. Each of the 10 'optional' checkpoints will have a perk, determined by the difficulty of the checkpoint. 

Here is an example:
Team total mileage ~245 miles
Required checkpoints 1-10 complete.
Optional checkpoints 2,3,6,7,10
Optional checkpoint perks
Optional Checkpoint 2 ~ 2% reduction in total mileage
Optional Checkpoint 3 ~ 1% reduction in total mileage
Optional Checkpoint 6 ~ 1.5% reduction in total mileage
Optional Checkpoint 7 ~ 2.5% reduction in total mileage
Optional Checkpoint 10 ~ 3% reduction in total mileage
Total reduction = 10%.
Original mileage was 245
Mileage after 'perks' ~ 220.5

Again - Group photos in front of all checkpoints are a requirement. Only one time stamp is needed this time around, it is the starting checkpoint and your odometer together. Please bring a digital media device that we can view photos off of. Cell phones are the easiest. If you intend to use a GoPro, please bring a device to put your photos onto before the deadline. 

Example video of obstacle with a designated bypass (some language from driver excitement): 
Dudley on School House Hill

This remains a friendly competition – That said… Jeeps have won the last two times! Where is the ‘Yota support?!

Tentative Itinerary:
Prior to the event: Teams will receive a starting time where they must be present at the first checkpoint. 
Friday, April 10th - Teams will check-in with a volunteer at the first checkpoint. They will receive a list with the remaining 19 checkpoints and a waiver to sign. Any questions will be answered.
Saturday, April 11th – The adventure continues. Volunteers will be present at various checkpoints and along trails. 
Sunday, April 12th @ 12:00PM (Noon) - All teams must be across finish line. Finish line location TBD. 
Sunday, April 12th @ 1:00PM - Awards and closing remarks.


Weather is a wildcard. We normally have a wet spring, water levels can be an issue. We recommend you walk each crossing before committing to it. Fast water is incredibly dangerous and can lead to some horrible consequences. We know this first hand. Turn around, don't drown. 

A bone stock jeep fords Woolum.


A video of a crossing during a relatively dry spring.

Other changes:

We will list 'recommended group campsite' coordinates for areas known to have large, open campsites. 

Team Structure:
6 people per team maximum (drivers, children, etc.)
2 vehicle minimum, 4 vehicle maximum per team

Vehicle (Every vehicle entered)
Required for all competitors:
Due to past experiences BOTH front AND rear FRAME mounted recovery points will be required. Class IV+ 2" receiver hitches will substitute for rear recovery points. This is a requirement that will NOT be overlooked. 
Working Odometer
Operating AWD, four wheel drive, or off-road “Pre-runner”
Additional fuel for hungrier vehicles
Full size spare tire
Tagged, insured, and highway legal (and highway operable)
Vehicle in reliable condition
Failure to meet these simple requirements will lead to immediate disqualification. 

Extended breathers
Limb risers

Team (As a team)
1x recovery strap rated for heaviest vehicle (20-30ft)
Map (Paper or electronic)
Team present at their start time on the day of the event

1x working winch and related equipment rated for heaviest vehicle.
1x tree saver
Navigation Software that utilizes the "USForest Service 201X Map" (Back Country Navigator was used for the planning of this, though we hear Gaia for Ipad works well with that map)
Good attitudes

Personal (For competitors)
Camping (A method to sleep, whether it be hammock, tent, or in your rig.)
Eating (A method of sustaining yourself and your dependents)
Hydration (A method of providing drinkable water to yourself and your dependents)
Good luck charms


Tread Lightly and Leave No Trace principles will be followed, any team found to stray from these for non-emergency purposes will be disqualified.
All State, Local, and Federal laws are to be followed (I.E. No alcohol and operating a motor vehicle, fire bans, highway legal vehicles, chainsaws, etc.)

Other things of interest:

Listen to volunteers, they are familiar with the area and its policies.
Recovery services provided ONLY at the discretion of a volunteer during day light hours.
You are required to be at the finish line by 12:00 PM (Noon) on the last day of the challenge. Failure to arrive by 12:00 PM results in a DNF.

REGISTER (click link below)

Any questions contact us:
or for those who like chatting it up...
(978) 712-XPLR

Teams -
(1)Jethro Offroad South:
J. Kinsworthy
K. Crouch
J. Gatewood
J. Regan
D. Regan

(2)4Wheel Parts:
R. Ansley
D. Mitchell

(3)Jethro Offroad North:
G. Hukill
M. Hopping
C. Lee
C. Stark

I. Minenna
B. Barnett
Range Rover Classic
Land Rover Defender

S. Dobbels
J. Lawson
C. Keel
T. Dobbels
P. Earnhart
Tacoma TRD

(6)Pistol Petes Mustache Ride:
B. Brownlee
L. Parks

K. Meier
B. Meier
E. Younker
R. Heller
S. Rollet
K. Pugh
Tacoma TRD
Xterra Pro4x

(8)The Mudbloods:
R. Grasby
D. Reno
L. Nowak

(9)The Muffin Stuffers
B. Buccella
B. Hatley
M. Griffin
H. Gonzales

B. Hobie Stires
B. Reynolds
C. Laminak
M. Shepard

Chevy 2500

J. Conrader
P. Conrader
A. Arnold
P. Arnold

(12)Backcountry Boys and Girls
R. Redmond
R. Kimball

L. Vassalo
F. Osorio
L. Chimdemi
A. Sandoval

J. Rodriguez
G. Sánchez
D. Sánchez
D. Acosta
FJ Cruiser

(15) Muffin Stuffers#2
S. Lee
B. Lee
M. Havlic

(16) Ozark Navigators
R. Putt
R. England
J. Crow
Tj Rubicon